Promotion Ideas for Patient Engagement

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Getting Started:

Tips, tricks and best practices for a successful engagement and adoption plan.
  1. Welcome letter download
  2. 7 Steps to Success download
  3. Marketing Checklist download
  4. Sample Marketing Plan download
  5. Media Toolkit download
  6. Best Practices for promoting Appointment Requests download and ER CheckIns download

Consultation and Support:

Dedicated Account Management support to maximize your partnership.
  1. Strategic consultation with your marketing team on best practices for targeting and positioning iTriage with physicians, patients and your community
  2. Internal messaging for staff download
  3. Quarterly review of patient engagement strategy and analytics

Image Library and Reviews:

Highlight in your communication materials and on your website to connect with patients.
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  2. Product Images download
  3. Quick Downloads
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    • Text “iTriage” to 31996 for the free app

With use of the iTriage name and logo, we ask you follow a few basic brand standards:

  • iTriage should always be written as one word, no dashes, and with uppercase T in any copy
  • The registered trademark symbol (®) must follow the first written instance of “iTriage” on any page
  • No changes may be made to the iTriage logo, including relative scale, font, and color. White text, blue text, grayscale, and B&W versions are available for your convenience
  • Use of the iTriage icon only is permissible without image, relative scale, or color alterations

Marketing Content and Creative Assets

Leverage your existing communication channels to educate and create awareness among your employees, physicians, patients and community. Download and print content and creative assets.

For Employees:

Educate and engage your staff with information & talking points.
  1. Announcement for internal newsletters, email and intranet download
  2. Letter to Management download
  3. Empower your patients postcard/flyer download

For Patients and Community:


Customize, distribute and display versatile collateral at registration and discharge areas, waiting rooms, exam rooms and events.

  1. Climber Download Card download
  2. Family Download Card download
  3. Rack Card download
  4. Flyer download

Website Buttons

Engage website visitors and drive traffic to your facilities.

  1. Check your Symptoms download
  2. Tell Us You’re Coming download
  3. Request an Appointment download


Share relevant content with your community through your newsletter, magazine, and social media channels.

  1. Newsletter content download
  2. Social Media Posts download
  3. Follow iTriage on Facebook and Twitter for ready-to-share posts, articles, and weekly trivia


Incorporate into existing digital communication and advertising campaigns.

  1. Videos view
  2. Infographics download
  3. :30 Radio Spot Script download
  4. On-hold Message Script download